Music Education done differently.

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Music Education
done differently.

The arts and sciences must coexist today to create tomorrow's creative and innovative workforce.

Music educator, author, and space enthusiast, Laurie Orth, had the out-of-the-box idea that perhaps her students would participate more in music class if they had music about space and rockets. Inspired by NASA’s STEM education website, with countless STEM lesson ideas for educators, she decided to create her own space-themed recorder music.

After incorporating the space music, Laurie found that her students were more attentive and eager to learn. The combination of the two contrasting disciplines of music and space exploration kept everyone 100% engaged in class. They increased their music reading abilities without even realizing it.

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Ready to explore more?

Laurie Orth brings an innovative new teaching style to elementary music classes everywhere with her music workbook, Rocket Recorder: Volume One.

Shoot on over to the media gallery for audio clips and a sampling of my YouTube channel videos!

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One of my favorite things about homeschooling is integrating content areas.  Rocket Recorder makes that a breeze!  While on a NASA tour in Houston, the tour guide was surprised at how much our children already knew. When he asked where they had learned so much the kids replied, "Our music teacher!"  


Homeschooling Parent
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One small recorder book, one giant leap for recorder musickind!

Tim "Armstrong"

Student Extraordinare
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Now I know what a dwarf planet is! I can play a song about them too!

Karoline G

homeschooled 9 year old
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Rocket Recorder organizes music in a sequential and logical manner. With original tunes by the author, Rocket Recorder reinforces fundamental music literacy skills while addressing skills needed to perform on the recorder. I especially love the association with space!

Dr. Joel Scraper

University of South Carolina
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Imagine being able to bring this book back to Africa, to share this with our children so that the love they have for music can express itself with their fascination with space.

Adetola A. Salau

Carisma4U, Lagos, Nigeria
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