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The space-themed music composed for the supplemental workbook Rocket Recorder: Volume 1 has flipped a switch in students, opening their minds to learning by putting them in a place of brain reward/motivation and memory that is remarkable to observe.

Students approach their music lessons with increased vigor and engagement, which in turn produces effective practice. Rocket Recorder takes a creative approach to teaching music and impacts the future of music education by looking forward in time to the new scientific discoveries and space technology to engage students and get them ready to learn in music class. Space and rockets are cool and provide the carrot students need to engage.

Rocket Recorder was developed by Laurie Orth for advanced beginners who have some exposure to BAG and C note reading, and has been workshopped and tested by her students.

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Downloadable music files

Check out Laurie's Rocket Recorder Videos, as singles or in a bundle of all three, currently only available on JW Pepper's Website. Space Suit, Starman and Space Launch System.

These are 10 minutes each and include a space lesson and a recorder lesson. These videos are downloads and you can put them in your Google Classroom, use them for sub plans, and in your classroom.

Get your Rocket Recorder Accompaniment and Demo Album files here, along with awesome space-themed song bundles with PDF Sheet Music and audio files, reproducible license and teacher notes from Laurie Orth.

Check out Ask, Imagine, Plan Create bundle for a fun song about the Engineering Design Process. Worksheets include the Alphabet Tool for easy rhyme creation for new lyrics and the Rocket Recorder Launch Chart, for documenting live rocket launches.

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