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Get the NEW Digital Download of Rocket Recorder - Satellite Edition. This is a PowerPoint download featuring 9 of the beginner level recorder pieces from Rocket Recorder - Volume One.

- BONUS “Zero G Sleep” song
- Accompaniment and Demo Files
- NASA picture images

Available exclusively from Music ConstructED here.

Digital Download  $10.00

Laurie Orth_s Rocket Recorder Front Cover Art copy

Laurie Orth’s flagship music workbook, Rocket Recorder: Volume One brings STEAM into your music classroom with space exploration and rockets.  This is a perfect resource to reinforce BAG and C’.  Contains 7 suites of songs that utilize the same accompaniments but increase in rhythmic difficulty.  As songs become more challenging, students add C, D, E, F and B flat.  Each piece is accompanied by beautiful color images from NASA.  

Paperback  $16.99
eBook $4.99

“Rocket Recorder makes integrating content a breeze.  While visiting NASA in Houston, the tour guide was surprised at how much our children already knew.  When he asked where they had learned so much, they replied, “in our music class from our music teacher!”  

Shirley - Homeschooling parent

“One small recorder book, one giant leap for recorder musickind!” 

Tim “Armstrong” - Student Extraordinaire

“Now I know what a dwarf planet is!  I can play a song about them too!”

Karoline - 9-year-old homeschool student

“Rocket Recorder organizes music in a sequential and logical manner.  With original tunes by the author, Rocket Recorder reinforces fundamental music literacy skills while addressing skills needed to perform on the recorder.  I especially love the association with space.” 

Dr. Joel Scrapper, Associate Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities at the University of South Carolina, Aiken

“Imagine being able to bring this book back to Africa, to share with our children so that the love they have for music can express itself with their fascination with space.”

Dr. Adetola Salau, Sub Saharan Africa STEM Professor, Author, Global Speaker, Experienced EdTech Expert driving the infusion of STEM in schools, Carisma4U, Lagos, Nigeria

Buy Paperback

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Buy Paperback

Buy eBook

Buy eBook

Buy book, performance tracks, other space songs, and video tutorials

Downloadable music files

Get your Rocket Recorder Accompaniment and Demo Album files here, along with awesome space-themed song bundles with PDF Sheet Music and audio files, reproducible license and teacher notes from Laurie Orth.

Check out Ask, Imagine, Plan Create bundle for a fun song about the Engineering Design Process. Worksheets include the Alphabet Tool for easy rhyme creation for new lyrics and the Rocket Recorder Launch Chart, for documenting live rocket launches.

Check out Laurie's Rocket Recorder Videos, as singles or in a bundle of all three, currently only available on JW Pepper's Website. Space Suit, Starman and Space Launch System.

These are 10 minutes each and include a space lesson and a recorder lesson. These videos are downloads and you can put them in your Google Classroom, use them for sub plans, and in your classroom.

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