Moon Hang Time Vacation


Moon Hang Time Vacation puts you and your students on a space odyssey of epic proportion because music and space are cool. Experience the benefits of combining the two contrasting disciplines of music and space exploration. Let your students create their own verse based on STEM standards for space exploration and their own research on NASA’s STEM Education website. Use the alphabet tool worksheet to assist with rhyming lyrics. Rocket Recorder Launch Chart encourages students to keep up with live-streamed rocket launches. Collaborate with STEM faculty to shine the spotlight on your school’s out-of-this-world music and STEM programs.

Use this song to put your music students front and center as a finale for STEM day or for your concert featuring pieces from Rocket Recorder workbook. Great free resources, coloring pages, workbooks are available on NASA’s STEM Education website. ( Google NASA Coloring Pages to find lots of space things to color. Great for classroom bulletin boards, along with students’ rhyming lyrics for new verses. Contact your state’s Space Grant Consortium for free NASA stickers. Tell them Laurie Orth Music Teacher sent you. America is going back to the moon with #Launch America and NASA’s Artemis program. Capture that excitement in your music classroom.

Here’s a space-themed song about the SpaceX STARSHIP, going on a mission to the moon.

Bundle includes:

  • Demo track
  • Accompaniment track – Disco
  • Accompaniment track – pop guitar
  • Accompaniment track – glam funk
  • PDF of Sheet Music
  • PDF Note to Teachers
  • PDF Reproducible License for your files
  • PDF of 2 Worksheets (Alphabet Tool and Rocket Launch Log)
Moon Hang Time Vacation 2.0
Moon Hang Time Vacation Accompaniment - Glam Funk
03 Moon Hang Time Vacation - Accompaniment Pop Guitar
02 Moon Hang Time Vacation - Accompaniment Disco
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